Learning Themes at Learning 2014:


Learning Formats at Learning 2014:

  • General Sessions:  Six fast moving sessions, led by Elliott Masie, with interviews and stories from major keynote speakers, including Robin Roberts (Good Morning America Anchor), Chef Bobby Flay, Sir Ken Robinson and others.
  • Learning Story:  Organizational and personal stories of success, failure and lessons learned.
  • 360º Panel:  Learn about a range of approaches to a single learning challenge.
  • Let’s Talk About…:  High-energy group discussions, moderated by organizational learning leaders.
  • Step-by-Step:  Pragmatic sessions that provide 5, 10 or 15 steps to a learning solution.
  • Mentoring:  Organized mentoring sessions with peers and experienced resources.
  • Walk About:  Walk around the Coronado’s grounds and chat with a few colleagues about provocative topics.
  • Learning Labs:  Active, collaborative working sessions about emerging technologies and methodologies.
  • Supplier Sessions:  Presentations by and dialogues with learning providers in branded Supplier Session rooms.

Meet-Ups & Real-Time Sessions: Schedules are designed months in advance but your learning needs often surface in “Real Time”. A keynote speaker or session leader triggers a thought or even adverse reaction from participants. A conversation starts to bubble up that is nowhere to be found on our exciting agenda. Or, you meet three people during lunch and want to expand your conversation into a larger dialogue. Learning 2014 includes:

  • Learning Engage App:  Our online app will provide participants with real-time invitations to new and repeated sessions that are organized throughout Learning 2014.
  • Meet-Ups:  Participants can organize, in real time, conversations and dialogues with fellow attendees on topics, questions or challenges.
  • Round Tables:  In our Bistro, there will be Round Tables with topical cards inviting short or long conversations about single challenges.
  • Twitter Sessions:  We will monitor #learning2014 for key themes and topics surfacing during our keynote sessions and several follow-up discussions will be organized in real time to continue the conversation.

It is our hope to have at least 15% of the learning activities and sessions at Learning 2014 as Real-Time!

A Note About Learning 2014 Content: Our design model is to provide several updates on sessions and schedules in the months leading up to Learning 2014. You will have a complete online version of our Learning 2014 Program Guide by early October.